Knight Frank Thailand Launches a New Service on “Office Planning, Workplace Transformation and Smart Workplace Design” with Complete Service Enhancements, Aiming to Become a Leader in the Smart Workplace Business


Knight Frank Thailand launches a new service, “Office Planning, Workplace Transformation and Smart Workplace Design”, which encompasses effective management of office space and reduction of costs (Workplace Strategy and Project Services). This results from the merger of the management team with the Peoplespace team that possesses over 15 years of experience in providing strategic workplace services in Thailand.

Mr. Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, Managing Director, Knight Frank Thailand said, “The modern office concepts of the Smart Workplace and Activity-Based Workplace are increasingly popular both abroad and in Thailand. It includes work-life balance for a new generation of employees who imparts importance to living and working in balance. This thus changes the way of thinking and workplaces are modified to meet such needs while keeping up with new ideas. In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic affected living and work in a way and direction that is different than before, including working from home. The latter will cause the demand for office space to decrease and / or workplaces to be adjusted according to the changing situation.”

Workplace Strategy services will fulfil customer needs, despite the possible reduction in the amount of space needed, and change the approach on workplace management. Knight Frank Thailand, part of Knight Frank’s global network, has prepared to respond to the changing needs of customers through the Workplace Strategy team. Led by Mr. Ayuthaporn (Ek) Buranakul, who has over 20 years of experience working in workplace strategy and office space planning, the team will coordinate and work together with the Knight Frank teams in foreign countries, going beyond the provision of real estate agency services for the Company’s customers.

Mr. Ayuthaporn Buranakul, Executive Director and Head of Workplace Strategy and Project Services, Knight Frank Thailand commented, “The concept of workplace usage in Thailand has changed dramatically over the past ten years, especially with the Covid-19 virus outbreak. It has been a catalyst for workplace strategy planning to play a critical role in the organisation. With over 15 years of experience in workplace strategy in Thailand, we know that most Thai organisations use 15 to 20 percent more space than necessary. Some analysis and study, along with strategy and efficient change management in the workplace, will help an organisation reduce their work area and greatly lower their costs per year. In addition to modifying user behaviour for their maximum satisfaction, change management also encourages employees to work most efficiently, to the full potential of the changing workspace. Along with creating a good work-life balance, workspace management in a way that enables maximum efficiency reduces costs and expenses, while boosting the work potential of employees – a new challenge of the Smart Workplace.”

Mr. Nattha Kahapana, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Phuket Operation, Knight Frank Thailand spoke of Knight Frank Thailand’s Workplace Strategy services, saying, “It is a complementary solution to the workplace services of the Company as well as of Knight Frank worldwide that responds to the direction of future office space utilisation.”


The launch of the new service marks an important step for the Company, as it makes Knight Frank Thailand more competitive and capable of serving customers in the private sector and public sector, including state enterprises. In this crisis that everyone is experiencing, the flow of work and investment in business is changing rapidly. Optimising office space according to the changing way of work is thus very important to the organisation. Executives in many organizations may question whether workplace is still necessary; whether their available space is used efficiently; and how the office space should be adapted if the likelihood of working from home increases after Covid19. Through data analysis, Knight Frank Thailand is able to offer advice in planning, design and management of the office space, to transform from the original Headcount-Based Workplace into an Activity-Based Workplace and an Experience-Based Workplace. This change will help organisations make the most of their office space at the lowest cost. At the same time, it reduces expenses by more than 30 percent per year, aligns with the changing nature of work during Covid-19, boosts the efficiency of personnel and increases the value of the organisation. That in turn attracts and helps retain employees, including increasing the satisfaction of the staff towards the organisation.

We have a team with expertise in office space planning, design and Workplace Strategy services, for more than 15 years. As professional in this field, we have a wide portfolio in Thailand and Asia. We have helped our clients increase the efficiency of their workspace and reduce their total expenses by more than 120 million baht per year. We also provide change management and can prepare for the moving of an office with over 10,000 employees. We use a range of components to analyse, plan and design, including people (employees), assets and technology, to deliver cost-effective workplace optimisation solutions for organisations looking for business sustainability and efficiency. Such services include:

Reformat the original working area from a HeadcountBased Workplace into an ActivityBased Workplace or ExperienceBased Workplace, to increase productivity and reduce costs using data analysis to meet the specific needs of the business

  • Change Management

Strategic change that helps manage staff readiness to new office space by emphasising four key steps: awareness, engagement, adaptation and acceptance

Efficient office transformation and interior design that emphasises user experience and brand value by working with all parties and following up on every step of the process, from interior design and construction to risk management and cost control, until project completion

Modernise office space and technology in the workplace, and provide a space management system to suit the user experience, organisational resources and benefits for the organisation

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คอนโดราม, Niche MONO รามคำแหง
คอนโดราม, Niche MONO รามคำแหง