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What is Workplace Strategy ?

Workplace Strategy is strategic planning for office spaces. It is an essential tool for modern organisations that helps to increase the productivity of “people” at work through management of “space” for maximum efficiency. It can also help reduce costs. The concept encompasses more than the design and modern aesthetics of the office that reflect current working trends. It also takes into account actual space usage by the organization, based on relevant information. When People + Property + Technology are well aligned, business potential can increase as well.

When should an organization implement Workplace Strategy ?

It can be implemented whenever adjustments in the organization are needed, especially when working styles change. For example, 3 to 5 years ago, everyone had to come into the office as portable technology was not widely accessible as well as expensive; however, these days, most employees have access to and are used to such technology. In the new methods of working, people can work from a variety of places – some work from the client’s office, some work from home, some work from branch offices or other venues. And we can see that working spaces that used to be in high demand are now being used less frequently. How does this change the situation for supervisors and managers? How should they change? And what can these unused spaces be developed into? All these things contribute to the need for workplace strategy.

Why do we need Change Management ?

The most important function of Change Management is to manage the changes to have minimal negative effects on the employees and business. It encourages adaptation and acceptance of changes, while creating new potential and supporting the pre-set targets. Whether the changes occur due to internal or external factors, if one chooses not to prioritize Change Management, it could result in resistance and unacceptance, which will have a direct impact on performance and the business as a whole.

Why is Workplace Strategy different from the intended design?

Because workplace strategy is not just about the visual design requirements; rather, it addresses the needs for efficiency in the workplace, employee satisfaction and worthwhile investment – going beyond conventional design.

What is a Smart Workplace ?

Smart Workplace is defined differently depending on the type of business. In general, it refers to a managed office that is developed for maximum efficiency, comprising 5 main aspects, as follows:

– Continuous development of employee potential, health and wellbeing (Smart Employee)

– Workplace environment that supports real work modes (Smart Working Environment)

– Up-to-date technology that aligns with work styles and addresses actual tasks (Smart Technology)

– Work processes that drive the business quickly and with stability (Smart Process)

– Office space management that considers the surrounding environment (Environment Management)

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