The smart workplace has become more essential for businesses in the future. Changes in the way people work affect their surroundings and has greatly impacted organisations. Our goal is to help clients seeking smart workplace readiness, transforming their workspace by data-driven means from the traditional Headcount-Based Workplace to tomorrow’s Activity-Based Workplace — and towards the future Experience-Based Workplace. Supporting this New Way of Working benefits people’s work+life quality while offering business agility through the workplace and facility management perspectives.

We believe that Workplace transformation to the smart workspace is the foundation of people’s happiness and organisation success. To design the best place to work we need to align staff work-life and work-being with corporate culture and goals.

Smart wokplace workspace strategy
Our Service-Peoplespace

Benefits for your business

Essentially, understanding why organization needs to invest and transform their workplace is the key success. This will lead to the benefit of people’s work+life quality and business agility through the workplace and facility management perspectives.
  • Cost saving
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance brand value
  • Attract and retain
  • Increase satisfaction

Workplace Strategy

Optimise accommodation strategy for employee productivity and business efficiency, informed by data-driven analysis. Aligning the dynamics of PEOPLE + SPACE transforming future workplace from Headcount-Based Workplace into Activity-Based Workplace
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Workplace Project Management

It focuses on users’ experience and brand’s value. Bringing a smarter and more effective way of space utility for both end users and management through data-driven design, innovative technology and strategic facility management (FM)
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Change Management

Help leaders prepare people for their new workplace, engage their employees throughout the change, and drive positive outcomes, as well as helps employees get back to work quickly and effectively and in return reduce costs and minimize productivity loss.
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SMART Workplace Design

Building become more essential for tomorrow’s workplace. The SMART terminology identify as Self-Monitoring, Analyzing, Reporting Technology assisting those Facility Management (FM) and Property Management team to manage the built-environment more efficiency and effectively.
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