Our project management, office space planning and interior design management focuses on users’ experience in the workplace and their brand’s value. We bring a smarter and more effective way of space utility for both end-users and management through data-driven design, innovative technology and strategic facility management (FM). We collaborate with all parties to make it happen with forecasting, while controlling risks and costs. We integrate end-to-end strategy as well as change management, project management, churn management and closing-out processes.

Workplace Project Management Service

  • End-to-End Project Management
    Informed collaboration and monitoring the entire project experience to ensure time, cost and all parties’ satisfaction from workplace strategy to design, construction, and closing
  • Workplace Design Partnership
    Collaboration and partnership with many major workplace design firms locally and internationally, to deliver the best workplace environmental design while supporting corporate goals.
  • Workplace Space Management
    Effective space planning in order to deliver high-performance space utilisation and cost savings.
  • Workplace Technology Integration
    Exploration of essential workplace technologies for tomorrow’sworkplace, enhancing productivity and experience while supporting data analysing and reporting tools for facility management (FM).
  • Construction Fit-out and MEP
    Optimisation, Utilisation, Re-stacking, Relocating and Readiness of an Activity-Based Workplace

Why choose us ?

  • Project Management Team has over 15 years of experience.

  • We possess expertise in making comprehensive plans, so no details are overlooked in each managed project.

  • Capable of managing the project in the given timeframe.

  • A expert in cost controls, to keep the project within the planned budget.

  • Concentrate on quality and efficient work, and as well as prioritize safety.

  • Managing projects for over 200,000 square metres.

  • Working experiences of project management service for many large scale, well known organizations

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