We provide optimising accommodation strategies for employee productivity and business efficiency, informed by data-driven evidence and analysis. Aligning the dynamics of [ PEOPLE + SPACE ], we nurture a future workplace from a Headcount-Based Workplace into an Activity-Based Workplace to enable peak performance and reduce costs.

Workplace Strategy Service in Thailand

  • Space Performance Review
    Informed by PEOPLE + PROPERTY + TECHNOLOGY fact finding data to strategise with the future business growth and people productivity.
  • Workplace Opportunity Appraisals
    Optimisation / Utilisation/ Restacking / Relocating and Readiness of Activity-Based Workplace.
  • Business Case & CRE Scenarios
    Informed by ROI & Cost-saving / Staff’s satisfaction / Attraction & Retention data to identify the right scenarios.
  • Integrated Workplace Technology and Well-Working Soluation
    Develop integrated solution for future workplace scenarios focusing on people experience aligning with business performance and better facility management.

Workplace Strategy is an important key to identify employee space usage, their activities and behaviours. We collect the data to strategise the needs of the facility and set up the readiness of transformation.

Why choose us ?

  • Pioneer and expert in the field, with more than 15 years of experience

  • Expert teams with expertise in Thailand and the region

  • We approach workplace strategy from a Facility Management (FM) standpoint

  • We help customers manage the area, reduce the area, and reduce cost savings by 120 million baht per year.

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